2019 Juno Award Winner
Best Jazz Album: Group

Andy Milne and Dapp Theory's latest album, "Seasons of Being" 

PopMatters Will Layman writes: 
"Kruziki's long soprano solo impresses—tumbling up and down with critical blue notes at the right moments"

Listen and read more here.

2001 @ 50

A yearlong festival celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 masterpiece 2001-A Space Odyssey, 2001at50 is attempt to find the crossroads between the film's use of silence, sound and dialogue. Guitarist & composer Ryan Pate and I will spearhead multiple scenes of new music, both composed and improvised, to rescore 2001-A Space Odyssey. 

The first screening is called "Strauss Pill", and was shown at Brooklyn's Union Docs on 3/31/18, and the second screening will be on 6/16/18. 

Keith Biesack, a close family friend from Wisconsin, is responsible for this year long artistic endeavor. Follow his progress online!

Bach on Saxophone

Jon De Lucia has a great new book out called 'Bach Shapes'. He will be presenting at the North American Saxophone Alliance's conference.

His new book is highly recommended for all saxophonists that are exploring Bach's language, either from an improvisational or written stand-point. 

Check it out his new book here. #jondelucia

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