Self-Imposed Exile

Experimental Chamber Trio
Blending electro-acoustics with composed and improvised scores, and mixed-media canvases. First release on A-side Records, "Live from Steinway Hall" reviewed by Alberto Bazzuro on All About Jazz:

Aaron Kruziki- saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet 

Jakub Rojek- compositions, piano

Shaun Sutkus- live sound design

Video Notes:

"This was captured with a novel process, which is one microphone to one speaker with acoustic mixing. The piano and saxophone microphones fed the live processing and were projected through a pair of custom Acuvox electro-acoustic speakers. These merge electronic signals with traditional instruments to create a virtual acoustic ensemble by mimicking the spatial, temporal and transient parameters of physical sound generators."

     by: Lawrence de Martin, Chief Science Officer at Spectrum NYC

Dapp Theory

A group led by Andy Milne that intersects the cross roads between lyrical jazz piano, funkified polyrhythmic exploration, and spoken word poeticism. 2019 Juno Award Winners, Best Jazz Album: Group

Andy Milne- compositions, piano, keyboard programming

Aaron Kruziki- saxophones, clarinets, duduk, keyboard programming

John Wesley Moon- spoken word & poetics

Christopher Tordini- bass

Kenny Grohowski-  drums

Zodiac Ensemble

Raised in Stevens Point, WI, core members Mike Bjella,

Karl Mccomas and Aaron Kruziki started playing music at a local coffee shop during the cold Wisconsin winters. The music developed into a ethereal, melodic-focused jazz sound that expands beyond category.  

Aaron Kruziki- compositions, saxophones, duduk, voice

Mike Bjella- compositions, saxophone, clarinet

Karl McComas-Reichl- compositions, bass

Glenn Zaleski- compositions, piano

Colin Stranahan- drums

Marina Hov Band

Armenian Fusion
Marina Hov band incorporates Armenian traditional instruments, songs & lyrics with rock, jazz, folk and r&b sentiment. Ancient instruments and songs collide with new beats. 

Marina Hovhannisyan- vocals
Aaron Kruziki- saxophone, duduk, clarinet

Karl McComas-Reichl- bass

Matthew Buckner- drums

produced by Aaron Kruziki

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